How to create a custom event for time-lapse and how to integrate it

I want to create a custom event where I can create a time-lapse code and after that, it will call after bot utterance.

Maybe reminder Events can help you?

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Thanks for your reply but I need to implement new events under rasa_core.

Why do you need a new event for that? You could also use Actions . You could do a fire-and-forget call in a custom action, which then triggers a certain action later.

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I am very new in rasa please you can explain how to do that using a code example. Thanks

Can you please give me some details where you are stuck? Sorry for my late reply, but I was on vacation :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your reply. I already resolved that issue.

@desh_mukh That’s great ! How did you resolve it? Maybe you can help some other community members with this :slight_smile: