How to connect rasa to Discord bot

I want to make a discord bot in my discord channel. I am struggling to do that so please help me. Thank you.

Hi @shreesha345 have you seen this post? Maybe the two of you can sync up! :slight_smile:

Hi @shreesha345,

Our community member is working on this and probably a tutorial will be published soon.

Meanwhile, maybe you could look at this guide to implement your custom connector?

Yep! Iā€™m working on a Rasa NLU discord bot for my Final Year Project and will hopefully be sharing the source code mid-July to August! Though, my implementation methods can be a bit convoluted as I only use the NLU component, but I just find it easier for me :stuck_out_tongue:

You can probably look out for the one by jupyterjazz too!

Hi Talos0248, just checking to see if you have the source code for Rasa NLU discord bot yet?

Hi, I wanted to ask the custom connector that you have developed would it be possible to share it to create the discord rasa connectivity?