How to connect from user local machine to RASA server running inside a container on different host machine

Hi, Here is the situation. I wanted to interact from my local laptop web browser by opening bot-web-chat app i.e. INDEX.HTML to RASA server running inside the container on cloud (say Azure) host machine. How to achieve this ?? PFA step that i tried but I couldn’t see BOT window in google chrome web browser,

Did i missed anything in attached step ?? Is there any other solution to achieve the same in simpler and cleaner way

ThanksRASA_BOT_insiderContainer_connectFrom__Local.txt (4.1 KB)

Eagerly waiting for your inputs/thoughts/comments

I’m not very clear on what exactly is your requirement, but I think there’s an easier way to do this. I’d simply serve the html file using nginx or apache. And the url inside the html file, you can just have http://localhost:<rasa-port> because the port tunnelling is an odd way to connect it and maybe the root of the problem. This way you can just remove a great chunk of the process.

Or if you want to temporarily test the bot you can use ngrok from your host machine and it creates a tunnel for you. ngrok http <rasa port> and you can use the provided URL wherever you need.

That said, if there’s a strong requirement of the port tunnelling manually then its something to look into separately.