How to Clear entire screen after Restart button

Hi All, Can anyone help how we can clear entire chat screen after i restart the chat in RASA X server. currently if i restart the bot,the old chat is still there.But i want it as a fresh screen after restart. Any ideas/suggestions how we can achieve this?

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Hey @vijayirlapati! This behavior is intentional. This is basically because when you restart a chat, the historical data for the chat is not deleted. This enables you to go through and annotate messages from a previous chat.

So to answer you question, there’s no way to clear the entire chat screen as of now. Could you help us understand exactly why you want to be able to do this?

Hi @aroy, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I completely agree with you that this behaviour is intentional because RASA X is a dev platform for developers. Actually, for giving a demo to others I felt it’s good if we can clear the entire chat after the restart button. Anyways it’s not that important now. Thanks again

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