How to Change from Jokes to something else like a FAQ

How can I change the starter pack data from chuck norris jokes to my custom Questions & responses. Sorry this seems a vary basic question plz direct me to any already given answer somehow I am unable to trace it. thanks, Raju

Hey @yendada. It’s not a basic question at all and it’s great to see you want to take the starter-pack to the next level by adding your custom-built skills. That was the main intetion of creating this starterpack in the first place! :slight_smile:

To change chuck norris jokes to something you would like to add to your bot you will have to start with data. Inside the data/ you should create new intents for the FAQ questions you would like your bot to answer. So for example, if you woud like your bot to be able to answer ‘What is Rasa NLU’, you should create an intent called ‘faq_ask_product’ and provide a few different ways how the user would ask this questions. (you can get rid of the existing intent ‘joke’ because this is where all the chuck norris joke originate from :smiley: ).

Then, go to data/ and update the stories used for training. Remove the ones which contain jokes and write new ones which contain your FAQ intents or simply change the stories to have your FAQ question intent instead of ‘joke’ intent.

Then, go to damain.yml and update the intents, entities, actions and templates to make sure that all the new intents you created are there (you can remove joke intent from there too). Also, update the utterances (things the bot say when a specific FAQ questions is predicted). If you implement your own custom actions, make sure they are added to the domain too under ‘actions’ list.

Other compnents of the starterpack like nlu_config.yml, policies.yml, endpoints.yml can be reused.

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