How to add pre trained data to rasa bot

So I want to build a bot that has all the capabilities to answer basic chit-chat and FAQs but doesn’t really want to create uttter_ask_., or any intent… for every FAQ, I am looking to load like a plugin or pre-trained model kind of thing, that would take away all the responsibility of chitchats

Note: I read this but it’s not what I am looking for, in this I still have to right response for every intent and stuff.

@dummyali Hi, I’m trying to understand your use case and me thinking, how anyone can pre-trained your data, your set of questions and your use cases? Even no intent or any intent? How bot will learn? Please explain more with an example. Thanks.

Faqs, that are very common like, chitchat conversations and stuff, i was wondering if there was a way we could add bot with such capabilities that It would take care of such chit chats and stuff

For instance, datasets like these The Stanford Question Answering Dataset

Hello, there is a repository by Rasa which contains NLU training data:

Hi, Thank you so much! I was looking for something like this, but I was also looking for a group of intents somewhere which covers all chitchat sort of stuff, THanks @chrisrahme :slight_smile:

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@dummyali do check this also for the reference