How to capture user OS name and machine IP address

I am developing an IT help desk chatbot and to log a ticket i want to capture machine IP address and OS user name.

One way is i could ask user this using form action but i don’t want to do that. If i write custom action its taking OS user name and IP address of Action server where code is running and not that of a user(this is understandable!)

So is there any way wherein i can get this information without asking user i.e through some code or asking it only one time and saving the information for rest of the session?

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you could use auto slot filling, but then your nlu pipeline should extract the entities with the same slot name. If you want some kind of validation logic, you need a custom action.

If you fill a slot, it is stored for the whole session

My use case is specific mentioned above that i want to capture user machine IP address and OS user name.

I can not use custom action here as it capture OS user name and IP address of custom action sever and not that of user machine.

So are you suggesting me to create slots for IP address and OS user name and ask user at the start of new session and use this information as long as session is active?

oh I thought you asked user, how else can you get this information? If you can get it through your auxiliary system that connects server that contains rasa open source with user, then you can make this system send a message /intent{"IP":"12189138","user":"kjsadb"}

How do i get this information of user machine ip address is my question.Can anybody help me here?

any solution for this?

Not yet!