How to call a form action from another form action

I need to call a form action within a form action to continue the flow of chatbot.and how can i recursively call a form action. so that i can fill details of multiple passengers. As i am working on chatbot for ticket booking. I need to add details of multiple passengers @akelad

Why would you call a form action from within a form? You should handle this in your stories, and ideally have a succession of forms if you need a user to fill out multiple. Can you describe your use case a bit more?

thank you for the response. i already have solved the issue by using FollowupAction @akelad

Can you provide an example of your action file. I have similar issue. I need to create a conditional form so like if user selects A it goes to a different form and similar could be multiple forms within a form. Does it come back to the original form when the next form ends?

you just need to call FollowUpAction in return of any method from where you need to call the next form action. And no it does return to the original Form Action.

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Have you figured out this issue?