How to build SAAS chatbots with custom client flow

I have a problem which is I’m building a chatbot that is used for some booking systems like event booking , I have built it with rasa and bot front for my personal use . So I’m moving to make it as SAAS product where many people can onboard themselves and make there own Dialogflow and deploy it into there website/FB messenger , chatbots that popup in the websites and ask us the question that based on client’s dialog-flow. is there any way to do that, or how they did that.

Take a look at the docs on Message and Voice Channels. Channels have been setup for FB Messenger, Slack, Twilio and others. You can also create custom connectors and there are several web based open source components that can be included on an existing website.

I mean the client can create their own story/flow in the web itself and also it will be used by many clients so i need save and retrieve each model for each client in a single rasa application is it possible. :frowning: