How to build chat bot for csv format data

Hi , I am quit familiar with rasa chat bot. I am done a couple of basic bots with rasa , Now I am trying to build a complex bot with some insurance messages , But I got the data in csv , In that I have few of columns like this, ‘id’, ‘parent_id’, ‘catalog_id’, ‘account_code’, ‘message_id’, ‘object_type’, ‘object_id’, ‘status’, ‘message_trigger’, ‘event_code’, ‘direction’, ‘sender’, ‘recipient’, ‘message_body’, ‘date_created’, ‘last_update’, ‘customer_name’, ‘state’, ‘postal_code’, ‘sale_date’, ‘sale_price’, ‘model_year’ please help me how to understand the data and how to convert that message_body column in to intent.

Hi @Suri, Is there an intent column also available in the csv? If yes then you can basically write a custom script to dump the relevant data in rasa format. Alternatively you can also look at these two resources - Training Data Importers | Customize how Rasa imports training data

Thank you for your reply dakshvar , which one is the intent column , I mean it is message_body column is intent or anything else.

Hi @Suri , since this is your dataset you will know this better :slight_smile: It’s impossible to tell the description of columns just by their names.

Hi dakshvar ,yeah I known that , but this data is my client data, I can’t post in public forms.