How to build a simple search bot with Rasa?

Hello Rasa Community,

I’d like to build a simple search bot with Rasa. It should start searching for X (where X could be anything), when the user enters sentences like:

  • Tell me about X
  • Search for X
  • I need infos about X
  • I want infos about X
  • I’m searching for information about X
  • Please tell me about product X
  • Please get me information about X
  • Get me infos about X
  • Please, search for X
  • Search for X, please
  • Get me infos about X, please
  • Tell me about X, please
  • Search for X, please

The problem is X could be anything, so it is not restricted to a specific type of entity (ok, most of the time it will be 1-3 words for my use case, but it could also be a word and a number). I researched a bit and as far as I can see Rasa doesn’t offer a wildcard entity like Dialogflow or Wit.AI does:

Does that mean it is impossible to build a searchbot with Rasa at the moment? Or are there any other possibilities to extract X from a variety of sentences as given above?