Dialogflow @sys.any entity equivalent in Rasa?

I have a very large list of store product item names. I’m migrating from Dialogflow where I created a large @item entity where each entry is a single term. E.g.:


I have over 20,000 terms presently. I’m trying to build up a query to look up items in our database from the conversation, so when a user says: “I’m looking for a large blue sweater”, the NLU extracts terms [large, blue, sweater] which is applied to the query.

This fine-grained term entity approach seems reasonable and has worked well for us so far, but I’m wondering if Rasa can pick up generic text as an entity that is reliable.

Or if we’d like to capture a special note for an order, e.g.

_Please note that I'd like this it be gift wrapped_

Can Rasa pick up the “I’d like this it be gift wrapped” text?


Please explain what you mean by ‘generic’ in this case. Certain extractors are able to pick up all kinds of generic data like dates, names, places e.t.c. (Duckling for instance). However, if you want to be absolutely sure, you can add common ‘generic’ values to a lookup table in your NLU file.

I see this as something you can add to your stories:

## looking for item, ask for gift wrap
* looking_for_item{"item": "sweater"}
    - utter_sure
    - utter_would_you_like_it_gift_wrapped

## item and giftwrap
* looking_for_item_with_giftwrapping
    - utter_sure_and_giftwrap