How to auto scroll chat window in rasa webchat (botfront)

I’m using Rasa webchat front end (Botfront) but my chatbot is not scrolling automatically to the last conversation when new message type or new response comes from rasa.

How I can achieve this ?

Welcome to the forum @suripaleru Hi, can you share the rasa/botfront snippet code, which you are using for rendering?

Hi Nik, thank you for the response. Seems above issue is resolved. I cleared cache and local storage then it is scrolling fine to down automatically.

But I noticed another issue with initpayload … could you please help me ?

I have defined initPayLoad parameter in js file and other intents and story files but i’m receiving an error.

My nlu file:


my domain file: rasa-welcome-msg-error3

Story file: rasa-welcome-msg-error5

node js widget file:


@suripaleru Well, I don’t know what code and how you using this code, but I can suggest please use this snippet code and the max issue will be sorted out:

<script>!(function () {
  let e = document.createElement("script"),
    t = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
  (e.src =
    "[email protected]/lib/index.js"),
    // Replace 1.x.x with the version that you want
    (e.async = !0),
    (e.onload = () => {
          customData: { language: "en" },
          socketUrl: "",
          // add other props here
    t.insertBefore(e, t.firstChild);

I guess you are using old version of RasaWebchat.

Note: For Rasa 2.x and above please mention 1.0.1 in version rest versions less then that use 1.0.0 Ref:

PS: Your get_started story is fine, update and see the difference please. Good Luck!

Hi Nik, thanks a lot. In my html page, socketUrl → I used “localhost:5005” and same I’ve given in my JS file as well. I changed html page socketUrl to → socketUrl: “”, as you suggested and initpayload working fine .

But end up with another issue. Could you please see if you able to help on this ?

After typing message in chat window text box, when I press enter, data is transferring to bot. I need to press send image to submit user data to rasa. How I can active enter key to submit data to chat window ?

@suripaleru you did not created the index.html file with the snippet code, then you can even use http://localhost:5005

@suripaleru I didn’t get you on the send button, what you basically need to archive?