Rasa X UI automate scroll

Hello is their a way to let rasa x scroll automatically when a new message is typed or a new respond is received, especially for the testing for end-users. I’m currently on the 0.29.0 version.

Hey @emiel20,

When new responses are received, there should already be an auto-scroll to that newest point in the conversation.

Let’s see if we can understand why you are having this issue. Can you describe in a little more detail what you’re experiencing?

  • What page are you on in Rasa X?
  • Do you ever see the conversations auto scroll to the new messages?
  • Are there any attachments in the messages (eg: images)?

Sorry for the late response.

I have the problem on rasa x with the interactive learning and when I share the link with my end-user.

@emiel20 We shipped a fix to this issue in 0.28.5, so if you’re on 0.29 it should be fixed. Can you double check the Rasa version? Also, are you only witnessing this in the Share Your Bot? Or also when you use interactive learning?

I have the problem with both, it looks like it starts when a button answer is used. so where the user can chose between multiple buttons.