How to Auto populating questions in rasabot

Hi i am creating a bot using rasa nlu and core.It’s working fine. Now my problem is when user asking questions to my bot. when questions is auto populated for user inputs.For example we are searching in a google when we type with “r” it is showing maximum possible questions pop up. I want to that pop up questions to my bot Can you please help me . Thank you in advance

Hi @Bunny99, unfortunately this isn’t supported out of the box – it would take a lot of extra code to implement. In addition, requests would have to be sent to the core server every letter that the user typed, whereas on most platforms requests are only sent upon the submit button, so that would be output-channel dependent as well, so it’s unlikely that this will be implemented overall. It would have to be more of a custom-channel implementation, likely with manual changes within Core and maybe NLU too.

Ok Thank you @erohmensing