How to add time delay between two user inputs

I want to add a delay after a user input and ask the following question iff the user doesn’t respond in next 5 seconds. I have a situation where I request the user for A and B. My bot is currently trained in following fashion :

 - bot_ask_A_and_B
* inform{"A":"some_value"}
 - bot_remind_B
* inform{"B":"some other value"}

This story is turning out to be very inconvenient. Because, what I observed in real conversations is that :slight_smile:

 - bot_ask_A_and_B
* user{"A":"some_value"}
* user{"B":"other value"}

What I want, is a custom_listen_action which does : 1) waits for 5 seconds for the 2nd info, if it gets the second info within 5 seconds, it skips the “bot_remind_B” action and goes to next logical action, else it runs the action “bot_remind_B”

How can I achieve that… tl;dr : When asked for A and B, if user provides A and not B, wait for 5 seconds to get B, else remind that the bot needs B. Ideally, something like:

 * bot_ask_A_and_B
- user{"A":"value"}
 * bot_custom_listen # waits 5 seconds to get B else reminds about B

Please let me know if you need any more details to understand my use case.


You could use a FormAction to have the bot automatically ask for the missing slot