How to add the voice option in my rasa chatbot

I have create a chatbot and successful integrate with website . I am using the webchat now I need to add the voice option to talk to bot how to do it??

Integrate your bot with google assistant using its API to achieve good results

@noman also i writing the my indents in the markdown file is there any ways to train the nlu model using the json data and where to place the json file ?

Was you problem resolved for voice? Now for your second question use this piece of code:

import json
import os
from rasa.nlu import training_data
from rasa.nlu.training_data import load_data

def convert_md_to_json(data_path):
    input_data = training_data.load_data(data_path)
    input_data = json.loads(input_data.nlu_as_json())

    input_file_path = 'your path for json file'
    with open(input_file_path, 'w') as f:
        json.dump(input_data, f)

    return input_file_path

json_data   = convert_md_to_json(data_path)

@noman I not aware of that where to put that file can u explain with an example

I have this above file.

its your training data for NLU, train your bot on this file with rasa train command and run the bot with rasa run and test you bot responses

hi if you want to connect the bot to phone number check here:

@shmuliky @noman thanks for your suggestion can i know how to expose the different ports for nginx . I am using the flask as a backend

please tell me how to add voice in my rasa webchat ,its not connecting