How to add look up table file name in rasa 3.0

- intent: my_Nation
  examples: |
    - I am from [India](country)
    - My country name is [Afghanistan](country)
    - My nationality is [Albania](country)

- lookup: country
    -  data/lookups/country.txt

It is not detecting the file name. Do we add any other file …I have also used this - name: RegexEntityExtractor, use_lookup_tables: True

I am Trying on that and Let you know. You have learn many things from RASA.

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i got it the file path should be in yml format data\nlu\lookups\countries.yml.however warning shows in terminal it is not recognised but actually it works. But the disadvantage is that it sometimes/in rare case detects country if it is not present in the lookup external file.

I have same issue, have you got any solustion?