How to add data in nlu file with a flexible way?

Hello everyone, without prolonging this picture, it may explain the idea that I would like to reach

As you can see, the first method is very bad… It means that for each city I have to create a special intent for it, and this is not practical… I want a way to solve this problem… I hope the problem is clear

These shouldn’t be separate intents. You should have an entity and slot called city and a single intent called visit_city or something like that.

- intent: visit_city
  examples: |
  - I want to visit [London](city)
  - I'm thinking of visiting [Paris](city)

There’s a good post on entity extraction here to help you choose an extractor. Also read the docs here.

Understandable…and how can I inform him that the user means a specific city when writing the story?

Hey Smahi,

Please read the Rasa Stories documentation to check how to do this. Eventually, your stories would look like this:

- story: Visit City
  - intent: visit_city
    - location: "Paris"
  - action: utter_visit_paris