How should we handle address or name slots

As we have different names for different religions, similarly addresses can also be infinite, fitting them in the “inform” intent would not be possible (would increase training time). Should we attach a database of all the names and addresses of the world, this way we also have to search for the slot value in the database, we don’t want that instead bot should get to know that this is address or this is name and it should just fill the slot without validating from the database.

Any solution would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


I would try the following training data lines, using several specific religions, and capturing input into the religion entity. Then access the value of this entity in the custom action and testing it against DB values:

- my religion is [islam](religion)

You have lookup tables for this sort of thing. You need to train your “inform” intent to recognize a few names and then use a lookup table where you can put thousands of examples. Search the Rasa docs for how to use the lookup tables.

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Hey @Pete, thank for your reply, actually I didn’t get your solution. Actually i want to get the name of person not the religion :confused:

It seems like a reasonable solution. Thanks @lgrinberg

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