How i can give my rasa bot to different clients using only one server

Hey everyone, i created a chatbot using rasa, now i want to give it to different clients and each client can train its bot using my main server and store its data in related to its own db table , but i don’t want to give different servers to each client i.e if there are 10 clients i don’t want give 10 servers to 10 clients. I just want to handle them on one single server/rasa server. Please help me.

Hi @Rizwan! All conversations are stored in a tracker store. You can build a custom tracker store by extending the TrackerStore class. You should be able to set up your custom tracker store to first select the correct database for a conversation from a specific client before reading and writing. However, you will need to know what client a message is coming from in order to do this. You will find more information here.