How extract user-bot interaction in simple form?

I want to extract only user message and bot response in a simple format? How can I get this interaction? I was able to store data into MongoDB but there are other fields too

    user: "------",
    bot: ""-----"

Let me know if there any simple way to get it.

Hey @AiDLMLdev, can you provide more detail/context about your setup and intentions, please? What data are you extracting these things from, and what do you mean by “simple format”? What is it that you want to store in a DB?

I just want to capture a log of user-bot chat interaction in plain text format like I mention in the question.

Ah, right, so you have past conversations (presumably stored as conversation trackers in a DB) that happened between a Rasa bot and a human, and you want to export those in that simple format?