How RASA bots can handle the delay in getting response

I am creating a RASA chatbot which makes a rest call to another application in action. This chatbot will be used by more than 50 users . How can i handle the delay in getting response from external call. If suppose a user A is chatting with the bot and that rest call takes some fivemins to complete the task and User b inbetween initiates another action , how can i handle it

Hi there @hemamalini, requests in rasa core are currently synchronous, so unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to do that quite yet. However we have impemented async on master and it will be part of the next release :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. Waiting for the next release. Can i make rasabot keep listening to a webhook and post the response when any event occurs. In my application , I am making a Rest API call as a part of action and i wont get any response from the call as it would take some minutes to complete the task . So i have a webhook end point which will post the event when it is completed. So in my action , after calling Rest api , i would listen to the webhook and if i get response i will send the response back in the chatbot. Is this possible

Hi… Does Rasa 1.0 can handle async actions? Do i have to use only multiple rasa action server to solve the issue.

@hemamalini do you mean e.g. answering utterances while long actions are running? If so, it’s not handled quite yet, but we are already aware of this and are working on a fix.

yes exactly.Thanks .

Also,is it possible to trigger other actions for the same user

What do you mean by that, at the same time?

Yes…one action is long running and is it possible for server to do another action