How do I loop a question through database?

I knew how to do this, but I simply cant remember. So, I have a database in the form of a dictionary of items, say, for example {‘id’:‘100’, ‘pens’:‘3’, ‘wood planks’:‘2’, ‘knife’:‘5’, … }

I need to loop my rasa bot through this dictionary, and make it say:

  • did you order 3 pens? user reply :“yes”
  • did you order 2 wood planks? user reply :“yes”
  • did you order 5 knives? user reply :“yes” etc.

if user says no on any of the items, then I want to go into another action to rectify that item and resume this confirmation… Help

Hi @arkaprabha-majumdar . A simple way to achieve that would be to have custom action which loops through the details in your db