How do I handle the following case

If I want to answer the difference between two or more categories, what could be a good approach?

e.g. 1 What is the difference between a car loan and a bike loan? 2 What is the difference between a car loan and a House loan? 3 What is the difference between a personal loan and a House loan?

All the questions are related to loans only. ( so can be used in one intent)

Also if I have some follow-up questions

Like Processing fee, interest rate. How can relate that it’s asking for the previously mentioned type of loan only?

Hi @en-ashay

You can have 1 intent named compare_loan and 1 entity named loan_type of type list to store the 2 loan types ( car & Bike).

Based on the extracted entities you can answer the differences.

With respect to answering the follow-up questions, you can always refer back to the loan_type slot to understand which one he is talking about. For this you need to write different stories.

HI @siriusraja, my main issue was the followup questions .i.e what is the interest rate , time, etc. How do I map the answer of different entity pairs?

Also what would happen if my user types " What is the diff between a car,home and bike loan"?

i.e. 3 entity or 1 instead of two

Hi @en-ashay

List slot will hold ‘n’ number of entities. So enumerate this slot to see how many values has been extracted and accordingly define your response in your custom action.

For the follow-up question in your scenario, you can respond back with interest rate & time information for those entity values in your list slot.