How do i achieve this flow

Dear Team,

Can some one help me guiding through the below flow. How do i achieve this flow exactly with RASA.

I’ve three buttons on bot initiation. Say like ABC, XYZ and PQR.

When user selects any button, i want to ask user to provide his input. After user provides his input, i want to ask user again to select any one of the below buttons, say MNO and TUV.

Based on the above scenario i want to retrieve the documents that user looking for. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi

@krkc Simple.

In domain.yml create the buttons 1,2,3 and with each payload such as /abc, /xyz and /pqr on these payload create the form. It will solve your query I guess.

Hi @nik202 actually, i was rendering the buttons from my custom

Which is fine with the first 3 buttons.

When user select any one of those buttons, i’m unable to drive the user towards the next steps as i mention in the above screen.

Here is what i was trying to do from my stories.yml


  • story: happy path

    - intent: search_query
    - action: action_ask_query
    - slot_was_set:
      - item: "search_abc"
    - action: action_segment_selection
    - intent: selectsegment
    - action: action_result
    - action: utter_did_that_help
    - intent: deny 
    - action: utter_goodbye

@krkc you using forms right so switch to rules and check how we can use specific intent in the rules.

@nik202 let me check on that. will get back to you. Thanks

Hi @nik202 still, i was confused on how do achieve this flow. When i try to use slots, unable to get the slots value for buttons at once in a single Could you please help me with some sample code. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi