How can we show dynamic list more than 4 items in utter_button_template in


I have a requirement to show a list of items in Facebook Messanger. the dynamic list will get from webhook, which is in file. How can I send that list… which dispatcher I should use. I am using dispatcher.utter_button_message, but it takes only three items, but I have more than three items. Please help me

I cannot help you with Facebook, because they block the account where I tried to add the chatbot. I did a test in rasa shell with the following:

buttons = []
for b in b_list:
    pl = "/inform{\"item\": \"" + b + "\"}"
    buttons.append( {"title": b, "payload": pl}  )
dispatcher.utter_button_message("Select one item from the list.", buttons)

and was able to get a list with 6 buttons.

Hi @RajCollection, you should be getting this warning message: rasa/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Facebook does not allow more than 3 buttons.