Fallback Action into a custom action

Hii there mates,

I am currently working with RASA Open Source with rasa version: “3.1” and creating a chatbot for my project works. I am unable to implement fallback action to my chatbot. Could someone help me in implementing fallback action as a custom defined action for any of the intents that I have not mentioned in the NLU data?

Instead of defining fallback actions via custom action, you can use rules as well. If interested in rule-based approach below is the process:- Create out_of_scope intent in nlu and give some examples which are completely different from your use case and then define utter_out_of_scope reply in domain. Now simply just add a rule for handling out of scope questions:-

  • rule: out-of-scope


    • intent: nlu_fallback
    • action: utter_out_of_scope