How can we collect user intent by making the bot available to them?

how can we collect user intent by making the bot available to them?

This is where Rasa X might help. There’s a video series on youtube that explains how to set it up here. The video is a little bit dated. It uses Rasa 1.10. But it should give an impression how how to share your local assistant with users.

You can also install Rasa X on a server (docs can be found here) but I might do this later in the process, not when you’re starting out.

Okay thanks …I have another question …I want to extract information on a drugs and give it to user when they ask for .how can I do that…any suggestion?

@faiza_conte can you please give more details in your question!

What I mean is API call if possible…when a user askes for a drug description then the bot call an api to give the description for the drug the user input

Yes it is possible @faiza_conte

@Yash_kals Does api call costs??

First of you have to find api for drug or make manual then make intent for drug search or create form then you’ve to call api in actions file. example of weather is in image, you’ve call like this api for drug search.

@faiza_conte Steps:

  • create slot which store drug name
  • create form which have one slot which store drug name.
  • when user input drug name store in to slot and extract in action file and call API in form submit part and after extract drug name and call api give the information from api result(like above image) to user.

Okay but where we will get the key…am sure there is something to write when calling an api right?

Which api you want to use? @faiza_conte

I still dont know which to use for drug description …is there any website u know that can give drug description by calling an api…I just had the idea but I don’t know how to do it…can you give me some hints how I can do it

@faiza_conte currently i don’t know api for drug details but you can find it in google and when you find it just follow steps which i’ve given and for reference code i’ve shared in image. and if i’ve find any api for drug details then i’ll reply you.

Thank you…and can you solve this issue for me…am trying to get normalized value of duration that extracted using duckling…

@faiza_conte you have used three entity option in action file line-179, it is a generator type. first store only entities in one variable like entity_val = next(tracker…()[‘entities’] and after this extract additional info and normalized from entity_Val.

@Yash_kals sorry i am kind of confused can you rewrite it for me

@faiza_conte i’ve search drug details api.i’ve find drug-bank api you can see in Drug-bank API .

here i see it and it says that i need to change myapikey what is that

You need to signup first and after this you’ll got api key and other secret keys.

there is only sign in no sign up is found in the content