How can we collect user input to perform machine learning prediction for the following dataset in rasa?

The above dataset contains input and the predicted class of the dieases…if I want to meet this dataset I want to ask users if they have the symptoms or not …so if I use slot to ask users if they have the symptoms or not as input of yes or no the other will be filled without me reaching there…so how should I recive input from the user in rasa to do prediction from the dataset???..I couldn’t find a way for it

I would use a form to ask the user questions. You can make it dynamic to change what questions need to be asked, depending on previous answers. At each step, you can execute the form validation function, or a at the end a custom action, that loads this CSV file and checks the answers against the file.

Having said this, medical diagnoses is a matter of probabilities that are interdependent. If you plan to publish this bot, please make sure to consult a professional medical doctor to verify your evaluation algorithm and this dataset.

@j.mosig…am doing a custom action just like u said and collect the user input as yes or no then build the model n then makes the prediction…my concern issue is assume I have form of at least the size of the dataset i mean asking at least 8 to 10 questions…all these 10 question the slot to be expected is yes or no …so after activating the form while filling one slot the other also be filled because what they are expecting is yes or no as a slot…so how can I fix this…making the form input as from_intent, from_text or from_entity

The form questions should be specified as from_intent and you should have intents like confirm and deny.

What I have realized from a formfilling is that assume one slot Is filled when then when we are going to fill the next slot if the slot value is similar or close to the other slot the past filled slot will be replaced by the new slot value that we are about to fill as next requested slot…please try a formfilling having three question that both three takes similar values but the asked slot is different

Bot:do u have headache 
User: yes
Bot:do u have fever 
Bot: do u have cold 

Then see if the first one is replaced or second one while filling them…I filled yes then when filling the second one as no then the first one will be replaced or if the slot are expecting similar answers no matter different entity of intent name they have stil it will take and fill it…why is that…why the slots are filled before getting there or before the bot asks …

Can you please post the config of that form? If you have entities and slots with the same name, then slots are by default automatically filled by that entity, unless you set auto_fill = false.

@j.mosig Okay thanks I will try to make the slot auto fill to false and try again

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@j.mosig…the auto fill is not working…does the rasa version matters for it to work??

What is the output of rasa --version for you?

@j.mosig…it is 2.0

Can you please be more specific? What is the form config and your custom action implementation (if any)?

@j.mosig…i was trying to see if collecting age and gender to predict something but taking the slots become a headache…since while i was trying to fill the slot for a gender then the age got filled without me reaching or asking …

It looks like your actions server wasn’t running. You have to run rasa run actions in a separate terminal before you run rasa shell. Also, can you please post your domain file?