How can I reset rasa x after installation to a clean version

Do I just need the below or is there something more.

rm -rf /etc/rasa/db/*
rm -rf /etc/rasa/models/*

@simonm3 that’s a really good question, means you want to reset the rasa x without any project? Can you please elaborate more?

you can delete the specific models /etc/rasa/models/ rm -R <model name>

start from scratch without reinstalling. The problem is rasax has a lot of issues with the git link not syncing properly. Also it does its own editing of my files which is really annoying.

  • removes comments
  • sorts things
  • adds additional entities and slots
  • adds some other random stuff

@simonm3 Yes, totally agree and team are aware of these issues and I guess they are working on some of these issues. I’m also facing same issues :frowning: But, I just want to know this topic issue, what you trying to archive. It’s seems interesting :slight_smile:

Just sometimes want to start again without the legacy data. The containers start clean so it is just the external data. I am hoping that is just the db folder and the models folder. In particular I have split data and domain into a lot of different files to make it manageable across various topics. Trying to get it to sync that so we can view/edit the data via rasax.

Any update on this, @simonm3 were you able to solve this.