How can i make question answer bot with rasa?

Hi, I’ve previously designed chatbot using dialogflow. There is smalltalk section in dialogflow.You set a small talk in the form of question and answer. I have 4000 questions and their answers. How should i desing my bot? Should I set each question as an intent? May day pleasee :slight_smile:


Wait, so do you have multiple training examples for each of the 4000 questions?

what do you mean that have multiple training example.I have 4000 question and their answers.I try classify some questions with rasa.

Basically, you need more than just one single training example per intent to be able to classify things. Simply listing down all your questions is not enough for it to capture all variants of that question.

You need to provide multiple examples like this for each intent (question, in your case)

## intent:how_to_train_my_dragon
- How do I train my dragon?
- I want to learn how to train a dragon.
- ...

## intent:how_to_change_password
- I need to change my password
- Can you guide me how to change my password?
- ...

instead of having just single questions listed like this:

## intent:how_to_change_password
- How to change my password?

## intent:how_to_train_my_dragon
- How to train my dragon?

You can create an intent for example F.A.Q. Then you write an action for this intent.This action makes the request to third party api containing questions and answers

The rest of the parts are not really the problem. Your main issue is that you don’t have multiple examples per intent.

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Did you get this to work? I have a similar use case?