How can i maintain custom json object throughout conversation?

I want to maintain some flow specific custom information insight context in a json object , and i want same context back from bot response while communicating with HTTP API.

current behavior Request { “message”: “Hi”, “sender”: “Me”, “myObj”:{ “Flow Name”:“MyFlow1”, “Status”:“started” } }

Response: [ { “recipient_id”: “Me”, “text”: “Hey! How are you? Message From Action” } ]

I want expected response as
[ { “recipient_id”: “Me”, “text”: “Hey! How are you? Message From Action” } “myObj”:{ “Flow Name”:“MyFlow1”, “Status”:“started” } ]

Hi Pradeep.

Just to clarify, which endpoint are you triggering from the HTTP API?

Also just to check, have you seen the documentation over here?

Could you share a link to the documentation page you’ve used as a reference for this endpoint?

I am not using any HTTP API yet, i want to check if there is any which i can leverage? In application i am using web hook to interact with chat bot. It will be helpful if you provide all sdk details which rasa supports for development.