How can I hit the rasa-production container built by the Rasa-X Docker-compose file with a REST request?

I’m developing a rasa assistant, and I want to connect it to Rasa-X. To do this, I followed the steps for manually launching Rasa-X found here..

The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to hit the rasa-production server. Using my current setup, I have a frontend that I manually created that sends post requests to the rasa open source container at the url: rasa_open_source_container_name:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook. The data from the post request looks like this:

    "sender": "sender_id:",
    "message": "user message"

From my understanding of rasa-x, I should no longer need to create the Rasa Open Source container. Instead, I connect Rasa-X to my git server that has my Rasa Open Source code, and then I can train a model and speak with my assistant.

I have been able to get everything to work perfectly, and I can talk to my bot using the Rasa-X UI, but I don’t know how to get my front end to communicate with the rasa-production container anymore. When I hit that container (this time at rasa-production:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook) with the old post request described earlier, I get a message saying “Error: Requested URL /webhooks/rest/webhook not found.”

Is there anything I’m obviously missing here on how to set up the rest channel on rasa-production?


I figured out my problem. I just had to add a line saying rest: to the credentials.yml file in the rasa-x project directory.

Should’ve been pretty obvious, but since there is also a credentials.yml file in the Rasa Open Source git repo, I didn’t think to add it to the rasa-x file as well.

Facing the same issue, was not able to make it work. I have added rest: in the credentials.yml in rasa-x deployment, i am trying to hit {{rasa-x}}/webhooks/rest?token={{rasa_token}} But getting 404, any idea?

Was a docker compose build issue, I was doing docker-compose up and credential changes were not being picked.