How can I get the body of request on rasa core HTTP API

Hi, i’m trying to develop a transportation bot.Therefore i have to get user location. I am sending the user’s location information on the client side, but I don’t know how to get it on the rasa core side .How can i get the request body in action. Is there someone who can help? my request to http api:

       "sender": "Rasa",
       "message": "mithatpaşaya yada kızılaya arabayla nasıl giderim",

Are you trying to set the slot? Unfortunately you cannot do it using the /parse API, instead use the events endpoints to set the slot separately, we do the same for setting the language of the user

hello @harunkelesoglu

you can solve by the

{ “sender”: { “senderId”: 1 “lat”: 22.213123 “lng”: 41.1231 } “message”: “abcdefg”


What is the payload to the event endpoint? Where can I get a working example ?