How can I add Next / Previous buttons in buttons list?


I am a beginner in rasa development. I want to add the Previous/Next buttons. And on clicking that button I will get new or previous data respectively.

I used Rasa 2.1.2 Rasa SDK Version : 2.8.4

Here I attached the image which I want to develop. There are buttons lists and it has more than 10. Currently, it is will come in lots. I want to show as below image. When I click the next button then comes to the next 4 buttons from that list and the same event will occur for the previous button.

Can any one help me here? In advance Thank you.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First, your Rasa and Rasa SDK versions are not compatible. Either update Rasa to 2.8.x or downgrade Rasa SDK to 2.1.x…

Second, where do you want these buttons? :sweat_smile: Rasa is a chatbot development platform, while you seem like you want to make a UI.

What do you mean by “clicking that button I will get new or previous data”? Which data?

I think that kind of buttons are only possible in Telegram, but is hard to do, and even harder to integrate with rasa. Check this project, it does what you are asking for the months.