How can I add my own training or retrieving algorithms to rasa project

Hey guys, I am just new to Rasa. I am doing a FAQ chatbot project using Rasa. I built a chatbot demo under Rasa framework (with actions.yml,,, etc.) However, my said it is too simple and the performance seems not good enough. He aslo suggestted me to build my own training or retrieving algorithms. I dont know how can I get started since I dont know the way to modify the training code. Each time I train the model, I simply prepare the data use rasa train . It seems that I can do nothing with the Rasa core algorithms. I’ve done some machine learning and data retrival courses and know some algorithm that potentially can be used in this project.

Could anyone give me some idea?

You need to modify the pipeline with your custom components.

Thank you man. It helps a lot.