How are slots filled in case of multiple entities of same type identified from the utterance

I see that the slot mapping for KB is done internally in RASA. I used InMemoryKB for the task. It is a simple ticket enquiry system. My question is when we have multiple tickets in the same utterance how are the slots filled. As far as i saw, only one value gets mapped coz i used the type text. How doe the list slot work with KBs. Can someone share any reference?

2020-10-15 10:48:00 DEBUG rasa.core.processor - Received user message ‘what is the status of 123 and 225’ with intent ‘{‘id’: -1636562065130203629, ‘name’: ‘ticket_info’, ‘confidence’: 0.9996767640113831}’ and entities ‘[{‘entity’: ‘attribute’, ‘start’: 12, ‘end’: 18, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.9993613362312317, ‘value’: ‘status’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’}, {‘entity’: ‘ticket’, ‘start’: 22, ‘end’: 25, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.9995343685150146, ‘value’: ‘123’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’}, {‘entity’: ‘ticket’, ‘start’: 30, ‘end’: 33, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.9996114373207092, ‘value’: ‘225’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’}, {‘start’: 22, ‘end’: 25, ‘text’: ‘123’, ‘value’: 123, ‘confidence’: 1.0, ‘additional_info’: {‘value’: 123, ‘type’: ‘value’}, ‘entity’: ‘number’, ‘extractor’: ‘DucklingEntityExtractor’}, {‘start’: 30, ‘end’: 33, ‘text’: ‘225’, ‘value’: 225, ‘confidence’: 1.0, ‘additional_info’: {‘value’: 225, ‘type’: ‘value’}, ‘entity’: ‘number’, ‘extractor’: ‘DucklingEntityExtractor’}]’ 2020-10-15 10:48:00 DEBUG rasa.core.processor - Current slot values:
attribute: status email: None knowledge_base_last_object: None knowledge_base_last_object_type: None knowledge_base_listed_objects: None mention: None num_emails: None object_type: None plan: None priority: None requested_slot: None status: None ticket: 225 topic: None

Hi @chikubee. You are correct, if you slot has a type “text” only one value will be mapped to it. If you use slot type “list” all values that are extracted for that specific entity will be mapped to the corresponding slot.