How are intent name and its training examples are labelled?

In our training examples there are intents which is intent name and their training examples…what is the technique behind how the intent name is labelled with the training examples??

Hi @faiza_conte! I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly already! Maybe you can provide more details?

For info on NLU training data format you can check the docs on NLU training data format. If you want to know how Natural Language Understanding works, maybe you can check out this blogpost!

@kalkbrennerei…I try to see the blogpost u linked…i am using a supervised embedding…and as for intent classification and entity recognition am using diet classifier…so my question is in our training data we have multiple intents and entities…and i want to know how intent labeling works…assume I have intent name *appointment * and have 10 to 20 training examples…how is this training examples and its intent name is labelled?

Hi @faiza_conte! When creating the training data in your NLU files, the training examples are grouped by intent, like so:

- intent: check_balance
  examples: |
    - What's my [credit](account) balance?
    - What's the balance on my [credit card account]{"entity":"account","value":"credit"}

This means that the two given examples are labeled with the intent check_balance in order to train a model.

If the bot receives a new message, the trained model is used to predict the intent of that message. If your want to know more how the algorithms for intent classification work, you can check out this youtube series

@kalkbrennerei…thanks …

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@kalkbrennerei…I have a question…in a formfilling how does the bot knows what to ask next question???..

Hi @faiza_conte! When using forms, once the form gets called for the first time, the bot will prompt the user for the next required slot value. For this you need to define responses like utter_ask_<form_name>_<slot_name> or utter_ask_<slot_name>. Please check out the rasa docs forms.

If you have more questions can you create a new question on the forum? This way other user can follow your questions more easily. :rocket: Thanks!