Help Invalid intent when filling Form Slot

Hi All,

We are using form for restaurant search and we have slot mapping done. Issue we face is when a “location” slot is asked in form and we enter a text which is not detected as location we are getting error an error “Failed to extract location”.

Please let us know how we can keep requesting use forever until a valid location is provided. Please note when user enters “in bxxxx” it detected bxxxx as location and validate fails and location request is repeated. But if we say just “bxxx” it detects as different intent and we get failed extraction.

Any pointers on the same would be helpful.

domain.yml (2.0 KB) (5.7 KB) (757 Bytes) (8.0 KB) domain.yml (2.0 KB)


  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • restaurant_search
    • restaurant_form
    • form{“name”: “restaurant_form”}
    • slot{“requested_slot”: “location”}
  • form: restaurant_search{“location”: “bangalore”}
    • slot{“location”: “bangalore”}
    • form: restaurant_form
    • slot{“location”: “bangalore”}
    • slot{“requested_slot”: “cuisine”}
  • form: restaurant_search{“cuisine”: “mexican”}
    • slot{“cuisine”: “mexican”}
    • form: restaurant_form
    • slot{“cuisine”: “mexican”}
    • slot{“requested_slot”: “price”}
  • form: restaurant_search{“price”: “300_to_700”}
    • slot{“price”: “300_to_700”}
    • form: restaurant_form
    • slot{“price”: “300_to_700”}
    • form{“name”: null}
    • slot{“requested_slot”: null}
    • action_search_restaurants
    • slot{“location”: “bangalore”}
    • slot{“restaurants”: null}
    • utter_ask_email
  • notification{“email”: “”}

rgds Balaji Kamal Kannadassan