Hardware size for On-premise development

(Seenivasan Ramasubbu) #1

Am from an IT services company for banking industry. Now we are going ahead to develop a chatbot for on-premise using Rasa Stack or Rasa Platfrom. Can anybody please give me the idea of the size of hardware for development, UAT and production? And what will be the database to be used for storing the session, chat history?

(Akela Drissner) #2

Hi, there’s information on the hardware/OS requirements here: http://rasa.com/docs/platform/dev/installation/

If you’re interested in the Rasa Platform, consider contacting our sales team at hi@rasa.com and they can give you some more info on it :slight_smile:

(Datisto) #3

hey @akelad. I never saw this doc about dev. Since when does this Rasa APIs exists? Can you uses this things for free to? Is there a some more introductionary introduction to the Rasa Platform? :smile: This here is a bit crypitic http://rasa.com/docs/platform/api/active_learning/#operation/getLogs

(Seenivasan Ramasubbu) #4

Thanks akelad. Got it. Am in touch with your sales. We need to store the chat history in a database. How can we use database in Rasa Core for this purpose?

(Akela Drissner) #5

@datistiquo the Platform is our enterprise product, you can read more about it here: http://rasa.com/products/rasa-platform/

@Seenivasan You can use the MongoTrackerStore/RedisTrackerStore

(Datisto) #6

Ok, you can only install this http://rasa.com/docs/platform/dev/installation/ when you have the license which is of course then not free? I read this like that you can use this platform though but more detailed support or more services are then charged afterwards…

(Akela Drissner) #7

Yep exactly, it’s a paid product