Handling ellipsis in conversation

Can some one give examples if how to handle ellipsis in conversation in Rasa? Dialogflow does it very well using context and parameters in context. Not sure how Rasa will do it?

Conversation example User: “Will it rain in Mountain View today?” Agent: “No, the forecast is for sunshine.” User: “How about San Francisco?” Agent: “San Francisco is expecting rain, so bring an umbrella!”

While the follow up, “How about San Francisco?”, doesn’t make sense as a standalone question, the agent knows the contextual inquiry is still about rain.

How to build such conversation in Rasa.

You would do this using slots and stories. So you have a slot called location, and then you can write a story like this:

*ask_weather{"location":"mountain view"}
  - action_retrieve_weather
* inform{"location":"san francisco"}
  - action_retrieve_weather

Thanks, makes sense. I was thinking on similar lines to directly map the ‘context and values’ in dialogflow to ‘slots’ in Rasa. And then see in the story if value of slot is set, suggest action accordingly.