Google Speech API Integration

Hey @juste_petr ,

I am trying to integrate Google speech API using the blog: Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant . I have followed and implemented the same, but when I am trying to initiate the bot using query pattern in the google assistant, the bot is not getting activated. Can you please help me here? Should we use a google home for this? (as used in the Google Assistant Connector Class)

i wish you luck on building a replying google assistant! what are some keywords that are relevant to your plans?

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t get you, I am trying to create a voice interface for the user with rasa at backend.

Hi @Rajskc. I think the issue is with Google assistant test platform. You should be able to test your assistant on a mobile app, but you might need to be logged in with a different account than you used to develop the Google Action. In a action configuration page, you should add a new user and use that account to test the bot. I posted a detailed instructions on how to do it here: Problem facing in integrating bot with Google assistant. Give it a go and let me know if the issue still persists.

Hey @Juste Thanks for your reply. I will try it and let you know in case of any problem.