Google Cloud Storage as Remote Storage

I am trying to use the google cloud storage as remote storage. I send following request to my running rasa instance:

  "model_file": "20191111-090323.tar.gz",
  "remote_storage": "gcs"

But i get following error message:

{ “version”: “1.4.3”, “status”: “failure”, “message”: “An unexpected error occurred. Error: No NLU or Core data for unpacked model at: ‘/tmp/tmp82etayf4’.”, “reason”: “LoadingError”, “details”: {}, “help”: null, “code”: 500 }

The model file do exist in the bucket and bucket name and credentials are set as environments variables. But I am still getting this error.

Hm, can you check in that ‘/tmp/tmp82etayf4 and show me what the contents look like?

I tried to find the cause of this problem and I think I’ve found it. This problem only occurs when I am writing the model with the google storage python SDK in the bucket. When I am uploading it with the node.JS or the google cloud console, everything works fine.