Fetching model from a remote storage(Aws)

I’m trying to load model from aws s3 remote storage. I used the command -> rasa run -m 20190506-100418.tar.gz --enable-api --log-file out.log --remote-storage aws. Model is already stored in S3 bucket and i have configured below credentials in environment variables.


Rasa version - 1.1.3

After running the command, it is showing 2019-08-23 15:41:23 INFO root - Starting Rasa Core server on http://localhost:5005 2019-08-23 15:41:23 WARNING rasa.core.agent - Could not load local model in ‘models’.

Can anyone help me in solving this ?

Please check the model name 20190506-100418.tar.gz you mentioned is present in the aws bucket , you must have a trained model in bucket to run, or add a trained model aws bucket then run rasa run -m model name @ AWS --enable-api --log-file out.log --remote-storage aws