Git Branch Description and Contributor Workflow

Sorry for the two topics in one Topic, but …

Where can I find out what the purpose of each branch in the git repo is? I first looked in the git branch metadata for the branch description, but I don’t see it there.

The reason I ask is, I’m trying to figure out which branch I should fork from as I develop my own proposed features. Some projects use master for current development (which seems to be the case with Rasa) while others use master as the production-deployable branch.

In general, does the Rasa community have a suggested contributor workflow and best practices outlined anywhere? If so, where? If not, I highly recommend creating one. Or create a chatbot that I can ask instead. :slight_smile:


We actually don’t have that yet and that is a good suggestion! I think GitHub suggests to use a for that describing the process. Maybe that is a good first contribution? :smiley: Not sure if @Juste has some more notes on this.

In general all branches should be branched of from master and all pull requests should be pointing to master branch.

Hi @tomp. Right now we have some contribution guidelines here How to make a code contribution to Rasa. I also think it’s a great suggestion and that we should add it to the guidelines

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