Big movement on the RasaHQ on GitHub?

Hi everyone,

I am seeing on the RasaHQ Github that there is a new repo called “rasa” and another one called “rasa-sdk”, and that the two repos rasa-nlu and rasa-core are somehow pointing at the rasa repo through their What is happening? This sounds like a big re-structuration is going on, and I am a bit worried about how to plan ahead. Where can I find about Rasa’s plans for the library, so I don’t make plans of my own that Rasa is planning to fix in a different way and so on… it’s a bit hard to align! Or will that be all explained at that Rasa X announcement?.. Maybe I am over-reacting, but I would like to know if that’s the case too.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Patrick, have you read the announcement about the repository merge? rasa isn’t exacly a new repo, it’s just a merge of rasa_core and rasa_nlu. As for rasa-sdk, it’s just rasa_core_sdk renamed because it is invoked by the rasa repository instead of the rasa_core repository.

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Thanks a lot! I was looking for such an announcement somewhere and tried using the search engine in the forum to find it but couldn’t. That helps clarifying things!