Access conversation data from external website using API

I like access all the conversation data between bot and users once the conversation is over from an external website. Is it possible to do? Can I please know the steps for it?

I am a beginner trying to use RASA and RASAX.

Please help!!!

Welcome to the forum. Yes, you can review conversations with Rasa X. There is a video showing this here and a new Rasa Masterclass video series you should review.

Hi @stephens,

I would like to use all the conversation data for further processing like say, an incident creation in my company website once i collect all the required data from the user (during the conversation).

I am basically looking for a GET REST API method that I can use to access all the conversation data.

I also like to know where can I find the conversation id if i need to play with /conversations/<conversation_id>/messagesGET methods

I am using InMemory Tracker store at this point in time.

Is there any way I can retrieve the Conversation Id from In Memory Tracker Store?

Any help or link on how to retrieve conversation id from In Memory tracker store will be great!!!

You should read about Forms to accomplish this. You’ll also find an example of a form that collects an email address and then sends the email in our Sara documentation bot.