Getting model fingerprints on Rasa SDK?


I’m using the Rasa SDK Custom Actions to get my answers for each intent from a remote database. Thing is, those answers may differ depending on the loaded model, so I need to be able to get an identifier of the model. Said identifier could be the fingerprints of the model:

    "fingerprint" : {
        "config" : "99914b932bd37a50b983c5e7c90ae93b", 
        "core-config" : "167fc68437f68d9ee3fe9e147ec60aaf", 
        "version" : "1.2.4"

I’ve been trying to fetch them on the Rasa action server, but currently the only idea I have is using a GET request on Rasa ‘/status’ page, which I don’t exactly like because it means said action server needs to know the URL of the rasa core server.

Would there be a better way to do that?