Getting last executed action(not action_listen)

So my requirement is this, I want to give users an option to stop the conversation in between, like this

  • something
    • Do you have this?
  • yes
    • Do you have that?
  • stop
    • utter_ask_continue
  • no
    • utter_okay

so after getting a stop signal(intent) from user bot will ask if user wants to continue or not, if not it should stop, otherwise it should ask the same question again, like this:

  • something
    • Do you have this
  • yes
    • Do you have that
  • stop
    • utter_ask_continue
  • yes
    • Do you have that

solution 1: you should add stories having this feature. tried both the keras policy and embedding policy but the results are not great, it is just memorizing the training stories and not working properly on unseen stories. solution 2: you should add a custom action(may be form action) which should retrieve the last executed action, and according to user’s reply should force either okay message or the last action.

now the problem here is how to retrieve the last executed action, since it is action_listen most of the time, is there any way to get last 2 or 3 actions and forcing the last action again.

Try this:

def get_last_utter_action(tracker):

##goes back through the list of events and finds
##the last utter_action
for event in reversed(

        #print("current action name is", event.get('name'))
        if event.get('name') not in [ 'action_listen', None, 'utter_ask_continue' ] :
            last_utter_action = event.get('name')
            #print('found action', last_utter_action)
            return last_utter_action
        else :
return 'error! no last action found'

@lgrinberg Thank you so much, so i am able to get the required last action but struggling with adding it again to tracker, i’m using this return [FollowupAction(next_action)] but it is throwing a error: TypeError: Object of type FollowupAction is not JSON serializable

@lgrinberg It worked, basically issue was with import rather then using rasa_core_sdk I used rasa_core to import FollowupAction, thank you so much for help.

Hi @lgrinberg even this approach(getting previous action and sending it back as a followup action) is also not that good, it is just memorizing the stories and not working good in general, mostly in cases when user wants to continue after the interruption, it should behave just like original stories(without interruption). Can you suggest any other approach for the problem described in the first message. thanks

Same question.